The OCM Group is one of the most respected professional coaching and mentoring service providers whose mission is to bring the power of coaching and mentoring into the world of organisations. We combine expertise with business acumen to offer the full range of coaching and mentoring services to our clients that include everyone from multinationals to local NGO’s. We catalyse people development and build organisational capability through  four distinct brands.

OCM VISION is the consultative arm of the group that works with senior leaders to support change and maximise potential to make teams and individuals stronger, more capable and more resilient. We recognise the impact that people have on the achievement of strategic business objectives and use our expertise to support our clients’ corporate strategy. We help clarify the changes required, quantify the impact that will create and build creatively pragmatic solutions that meet unique needs and contexts.

OCM ENABLE helps catalyse organisational potential and performance, partnering with clients to deliver creatively pragmatic coaching and mentoring solutions. Our experts will work with you to build and sustain authentic and effective leadership and powerfully collaborative teams through the delivery of great coach-mentoring.

OCM EDUCATE works with individuals to develop their coaching and mentoring expertise. As trusted experts, we’re passionate about best practice in coach-mentoring and provide market leading flexible accredited qualifications and support for those developing as coaches, mentors and supervisors. We use the latest technology to deliver engaging remote and digital learning experiences.

OCM APPRENTICESHIPS is a dedicated main provider of apprenticeships, specifically the Level 5 Coaching Professional. This brand engages with our clients to help maximise the use of their apprenticeship levy by developing coaching and mentoring capability to support their strategic objectives.

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