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Whitecalm Wellness provide personalised employee wellbeing solutions and workplace wellbeing initiatives for businesses across the UK and Worldwide. The virtual workplace wellbeing programs can help you and your staff with everything from stress reduction and increasing resilience to emotional wellbeing and habits of a healthy lifestyle.

A holistic, innovative and scientifically backed 360°, strategic, one stop, digital solution, for employee wellbeing

63% of employees report an increase in mental health conditions
36% report on increases in stress related absences
25% say ‘presenteeism’ has increased over the last year

Why is Whitecalm so unique?


  • Employee health survey scientifically validated by the Mayo Clinic available 24/7
  • AI results driven personalised health journey with access to Mayo Clinic programs.
  • Analytical reporting to show areas that require focus and attention for each subsidiary
  • 5 live and interactive studios covering all aspects of wellbeing, diversity and inclusion on one platform
  • Option to white label
  • 108 languages available

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