Workplace Inclusion: Race and Ethnicity in the Workplace


Our Workplace Inclusion: Race and Ethnicity in the Workplace e-learning course introduces learners to the history of race relations in the UK, summarises legislation around racism and discrimination, and explores the reasons we may not feel comfortable talking about race.

Developed with race relations expert Alaba Okuyiga, this course is designed to increase understanding around race in the workplace and inclusive language. Suitable for your whole employee population, it’s a fact based resource which helps learners understand why lived experience is very different between different groups.

All Umbrella HR e-learning courses can be exported in SCORM or xAPI compliant formats for your Learning Management System.



  • Time to complete: 35-40 minutes
  • Accessible on desktops, laptops, mobile and tablets
  • Customisation available
  • Can be self hosted
  • SCORM and xAPI version available
  • Full administration services available for smaller organisations

Overall, about 1 in 8 of the working age population are from an ethnic minority background, yet these individuals make up only 10% of the workforce and hold only 6% of top management positions.

This course can’t solve systemic racism by itself, but it’s a crucial tool that encourages employees to start thinking about the barriers ethnic minority employees (and potential employees) may be experiencing in your workplace.

Understanding that racial inequalities exist is only the first step in shaping a more inclusive workplace. Our team have many years experience making interventions in organisations large and small.

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