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Bi Visibility Day


What is Bi Visibility Day?

Bi Visibility Day, also known as Celebrate Bisexuality Day, exists to bring celebration of Bisexual history, culture, and people. First celebrated in 1999, the day shines a light on Bisexuality and the challenges the community face. Although included under the broader LGBTQ+ banner, Bi can be forgotten or easily assumed to be the same as Gay or Lesbian experiences. Which is why this day is so important.

How is Bi Visibility Day Celebrated?

Events are held and social media is used to share case studies and experiences. The history of Bisexuality is also important, and people are encouraged to read and familiarise themselves with it.

This day is an opportunity to remind people that being Bi is not simply being confused, unsure or greedy, which are common misconceptions of the Bi community.

Bi Visibility Day and Employment

Employers have a key role in reducing discrimination in the workplace, and ensuring their employees are not being bullied, victimised, or discriminated against. Creating an inclusive culture, educating employees on what it means to be Bi and raising awareness of Bi history, all contribute to this as well as making people feel safe and create belonging. Employers can also:

  • Share information and resources relevant to the day
  • Check that policies and procedure are inclusive of Bi employees
  • Provide LGBTQ+ education, eLearning, or training to all employees
  • Create a safe space Bi community, such as an employee network or ERG