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Black History Month


What is Black History Month?

Black History Month celebrates the importance, heritage, and culture of black history in the UK and all over the world. This day is an opportunity to learn about Black history and educate people on its importance. It originated in the US but has since been recognised around the world and sees people coming together to celebrate the achievements and contributions of previous generations. This day also remembers those who fought for the equal rights of black people and brings attention to the work that still needs to be done to achieve this.

Black History Month takes place every October and the theme for 2024 is African Americans and the Arts.

How is Black History Month Celebrated?

Throughout the month activities and events take place around the country to celebrate. As well as webinars and events, that focus on education and raising awareness, which are predominantly run by employers and organisations, local communities hold celebrations which include socialising, food festivals and live music events.

Black History Month and Employment

As an employer, it is important to show your dedication and commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, including zero tolerance to discrimination, all year round. However, Black History Month is a reminder to do this but also to ensure your organisation is authentic when it comes to race equality and inclusion. Employers can:

  • Hold an event for Black History Month and work with employees to ensure its success
  • Work towards race equality in the workplace
  • Implement solutions to drive change
  • Publish your ethnicity pay gap and work to close it
  • Update and review policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive
  • Review recruitment practices to eliminate bias and discrimination
  • Engage with employee networks / ERGs
  • Carry out a short survey or focus groups to get employee feedback


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