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Chinese New Year


What is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year marks the transition between zodiac signs and 2024 is the year of the Dragon. Celebrations can last up to 16 days, with the first 7 days considered a public holiday in China. Due to China’s vast population and a number of Chinese people emigrating globally, Chinese New Year celebrations happen across the world.

How is Chinese New Year Celebrated?

Traditional celebrations take place all around the world, many dating back thousands of years, which celebrate Chinese culture. Traditional foods and drinks are consumed, traditional dress is adorned, decorations line the streets, and the holiday is culminated by the Lantern Festival.

Many families host huge New Year’s Eve dinners. Children receive lucky money in red envelopes and dragon dances take place as part of the celebrations.

Chinese New Year and Employment

Organisations of all sizes can support celebrations for this festival by:

  • Adopting flexible annual leave. For example, if the business doesn’t need to close over Christmas or Easter, can employees choose to work these Bank Holidays to allow for leave to be taken during Chinese New Year?
  • Being respectful of requests for time off to celebrate
  • Being aware of the celebrations. When are they, how long do they last for, and will employees need adjustments or flexibility at work?
  • Inviting employees to share information about their culture, what it means to them and what they are doing to celebrate the Chinese New Year
  • Sharing resources on Chinese New Year