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International Men’s Day


What is International Men’s Day?

International Men’s Day celebrates men, their contributions they make and the value they bring to people’s lives both personally and to the wider community. This day is an opportunity to reflect on positive male role model, men’s health and wellbeing and promote gender equality.

International Men’s Day is celebrated on the 19th of November every year. The theme for 2024 is ‘Support Positive Masculinity’.

How is International Men’s Day Celebrated?

International Men’s Day falls in the month of November, which is dedicated to men’s health, thanks to the Movember movement. There are often events that combine the 2 focuses to raise awareness of men’s health and celebrate men.

Events are held in workplaces and local communities as well as individuals recognising the day by showing thanks and appreciation to men who inspire them or have a positive impact on their life.

International Men’s Day and Employment

Male as a characteristic can be forgotten in diversity and inclusion strategies, as they are often seen as an advantaged group and therefore assumed not to need specific attention or focus to create inclusion for men. However, men are discriminated against, they also suffer with mental and physical health problems and their contributions are equally important.

International Men’s Day employers can:

  • Celebrate International Men’s Day, stating the organisations commitment to diversity, equality and Inclusion
  • Host an event to raise awareness and celebrate together
  • Provide training to all employees on Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ensure policies and procedures are inclusive
  • Encouraging networks/ERGs to get involved, promote IED and carry out activities and events