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International Pronouns Day


What is International Pronouns Day?

This day aims to bring people together to transform the way we refer to one another and make the use of pronouns common practice. Referring to people by their preferred pronouns is respectful and provides dignity.

International Pronouns Day started in 2018 and has occurred on the 3rd Wednesday of October ever since. In 2024 it falls on the 16th of October.

How is International Pronouns Day Celebrated?

Largely this is celebrated at a local level and individuals will participate in activities in their local community. Social Media is also used to share information and the importance of pronoun use.

International Pronouns Day and Employment

Everyone deserves to have their chosen name and pronouns respected in the workplace and Employers should both provide the opportunity for this to happen and respect those who do not feel comfortable or simply don’t want to share theirs. Employers can:

  • Ask preferred pronouns at recruitment to ensure they are correctly used throughout a person’s employment
  • Include an optional section for pronouns in templates and literature such as email signatures, business cards and name badges
  • Ensure everyone respects the right to share and be referred to by their chosen pronoun
  • Train employees and provide resources about pronoun use.