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International Women in Engineering Day


What is International Women in Engineering Day?

Led by the Women’s Engineering Society, this day draws focus on the women in Engineering who are hugely underrepresented in the sector. It celebrates their achievements, raises awareness of the sector, and encourages young women and girls to pursue engineering careers.

This day is marked every year on the 23rd of June and has helped the number of women in the sector increase over the past 10 years.

How is International Women in Engineering Day Celebrated?

The IWED website lists organised events for the day and collates events that take place across the country hosted by other organisations. These events focus on education, awareness and often hear from women in engineering roles who will share their own experiences.

International Women in Engineering Day and Employment

This day is an opportunity for employers to support women in their organisations to achieve their potential. Employers can get involved by:

  • Celebrating the day by sharing case studies on the women in your organisation
  • Building an employer brand that encourages girls and women to want a career in engineering, specifically at your organisation
  • Carrying out a survey to find out women’s views on the organisation, its policies and the support available
  • Ensuring policies are inclusive, focus on flexibility to enable women to fully participate
  • Promoting and educate employees on the importance and benefits of gender diversity in the workplace
  • Attending job fairs to target the female talent pipeline.