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Intersex Awareness Day


What is Intersex Awareness Day?

Intersex is an umbrella term that refers to a person who is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that differs from those medically and socially typical of “male” and “female.” Intersex Awareness Day recognises the intersex community, drawing attention to the human rights challenges and discrimination people encounter daily.

This day is observed annually on the 26th of October, since 2003.

How is Intersex Awareness Day Observed?

Being intersex means not fitting into social norms linked to male and female bodies. While this isn’t a problem, it is still widely considered to be one across the world by some people.

This day plays an important part to educate and share experiences so that intersex people do not feel alone or ashamed to be who they are. It is also important to improve education which will in turn stop children being subject to unwanted cosmetic procedures to ‘fix’ something only to ensure their appearance conforms to stereotypes.

Intersex Awareness Day and Employment

Employers may not know they employ an intersex person, which only goes to highlight the importance of having zero tolerance to discrimination. Employers can:

  • Ensure Intersex is part of your Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.
  • Provide training to raise awareness and educate employees on Intersex.
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination
  • Include Intersex in your staff networks
  • Use and encourage inclusive language and practices


October 26