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Learning Disability Week


What is Learning Disability Week?

Learning Disability Week aims to raise awareness, create a fair society, and stop discrimination for those living with a learning disability. With 1.5 million people in the UK with a learning disability, it is important to recognise what life is like for them and hear their varied experiences.

Each year is themed and the theme for 2024 is focused on busting myths about living life with a learning disability.

How is Learning Disability Week Celebrated?

Awareness campaigns highlight the reality of living with a learning disability and stories are shared. This allows education and awareness of the subject to wide audiences and brings the diversity of learning disabilities into the spotlight. Organisations hold events and charities share information online to improve people’s education and debunk common misconceptions.

Learning Disability Week and Employment

Employers need to make their workplaces and recruitment processes accessible for people with learning disabilities, to ensure they are not discriminated against. This week is a good opportunity for Employers to make changes and promote the things they are already doing, this can include:

  • Starting your journey to becoming a Disability Confident Employer
  • Ensuring policies and procedures are inclusive
  • Adopting an inclusive recruitment approach, to accommodate individual needs
  • Training all employees on Disability, the Equality Act 2010, legal requirements, and unconscious bias
  • Making the workplace accessible and providing reasonable adjustments (consulting with employees on their needs to make sure suitable solutions are provided)

Best practice employers have been known to provide reasonable adjustments for all, to normalise the need for extra support and create truly inclusive workplaces.


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