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Mother’s Day


What Is Mother’s Day?

Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent, usually in March. Traditionally, it is a day on which people visit the church they were baptised in and on which they honour their mother. Both Roman Catholic and Anglican churches in the UK observe Mothering Sunday.

How Is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

It is UK tradition for children to pay tribute to their mothers through the giving of cards and gifts, these can be purchased but are sometimes hand made at school, nursery, or Sunday school. Adults may take their mother for a meal, cook for them, or gather for a family dinner to celebrate.

It is common for people to participate in Mother’s Day celebrations even if they do not hold religious beliefs.

Mother’s Day and Employment

There is no requirement for paid time off on Mother’s Day. The occasion always falls on a Sunday so many offices will be closed, other companies open as per their usual Sunday opening hours or shift patterns. There may be requests for annual leave on this day, so it is important to follow usual procedure when approving these requests.