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National Coming Out Day


What is National Coming Out Day?

National Coming Out Day honours the bravery of the LGBTQ+ individuals who have decided to come out. Coming out may be experienced by individuals’ multiple times, choosing to live openly at home, at work, with friends, extended family and more. It is important to recognise coming out isn’t easy and it isn’t always embraced, so it remains a challenge for many.

This day has been celebrated for over 30 years and is still an important date in the diary to help and support people who are struggling and recognise those who have already made the decision to come out.

How is National Coming Out Day Celebrated?

It has become increasingly common for people who identify as LGBTQ+ to come out on this day, whether this is to close family or publicly, the day helps people feel able to share their true selves.

Social media is used to share coming out stories and experiences which go on to help others to do the same and offer support and community to those feeling alone.

National Coming Out Day and Employment

Employers have a duty to ensure employees are not discriminated against due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. Employers can create a safe space for employees to feel able to come out at work by:

  • Sharing information and resources relevant to the day, to educate and show the organisations support.
  • Checking policies and procedures are inclusive of LGBTQ+ employees and protect them from discrimination
  • Provide LGBTQ+ education, e-Learning, or training to all employees
  • Create a safe space, such as an employee network or ERG
  • Highlight pathways to support