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UK Race Equality Week


What is UK Race Equality Week?

Race Equality Week is a national opportunity to unite employees, employers, and leaders to drive race equality in the workplace, addressing the barriers and educating individuals.

UK Race Equality Week takes place every February; in 2024 it will run from the 5th to the 11th of February. The theme for 2024 is #ListenActChange .

How is UK Race Equality Week Observed?

Race Equality Matters encourage organisations to make a commitment to race equality. The focus is on action and driving change, so organisations are encouraged to develop plans that will transform their workforce and move closer to race equality. Also, many organisations will hold events and webinars, sharing information to educate and create better understanding.

UK Race Equality Week and Employment

This week aims to get all organisations involved in raising awareness for race equality. Employers can join in race equality week by:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to Race Equality with Race Equality Matters
  • Working towards race equality in your workplace
  • Implementing solutions to drive change
  • Updating/Reviewing policies and procedures
  • Reviewing recruitment practices to eliminate bias and discrimination
  • Holding events and activities through employee networks / ERGs
  • Carrying out a short survey or focus groups to get employee feedback