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Workers’ Memorial Day


What is Workers’ Memorial Day?

An estimated 50,000 people die each year from workplace accidents and occupational diseases. Workers Memorial Day remembers the workers who have been killed, seriously injured or mde ill whilst doing their jobs. This could be due to a workplace accident, disease, or health complication caused as a direct result of work.

It is held on the 28th of April each year, all over the world and is officially recognised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and by the International Trade Union Movement.

Workers Memorial Day and Employment

Events and vigils are held globally to remember workers who lost their lives due to work. Employers have a duty of care to provide safe working conditions for workers and can show their support on this day by:

  • Holding a vigil at work for employees to remember colleagues, friends and family who have passed away
  • Checking, updating and sharing the Health and Safety Policy and Statement
  • Sharing important Health and Safety protocols and procedures
  • Promoting First aid, manual handling, hazard awareness and other safety training the company provides
  • Carrying out risk assessments of work stations, factories, workshops and any spaces people use to complete their jobs
  • Ensure signage is working and up to date
  • Ensuring equipment and materials are maintained and stored correctly
  • Making PPE available where required, clearly highlighting what must be worn in what areas