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World Alzheimer’s Month


What is World Alzheimer’s Month?

World Alzheimer’s Month gives people an opportunity to familiarise themselves with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. With nearly 50 million people living with dementia worldwide, it is important to know how we can offer support to ensure they live well with dementia. The date raises awareness globally and encourages education on the topic.

World Alzheimer’s Month takes place every September. A full month of each year is dedicated to dementia awareness, allowing Alzheimer and Dementia Associations to extend their awareness programmes beyond World Alzheimer’s Day.

The 2024 theme for World Alzheimer’s Month is TBC.

World Alzheimer’s Month and Employment

People with dementia face major challenges in workplace, due to the stigma placed on them after they receive a diagnosis. Employers can aim to create dementia friendly workplaces by:

  • Use Alzheimer’s Month to share resources and educate employees
  • Run awareness campaigns, to create open dialogue where employees feel safe to speak about dementia
  • Train all employees, so everyone understands dementia
  • Create awareness, so people can continue to contribute their skills
  • Highlight pathways to support for employees and/or their carers
  • Ensure policies and practices are in place and inclusive