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World Cancer Day


What is World Cancer Day?

On average someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer every 90 seconds, and in 2020 over 137,000 people died of cancer in England. World Cancer Day unites the world in the fight against cancer, under the one banner. The day aims to save millions of preventable deaths each year through education, awareness raising and encouraging individuals across the world to detect and treat cancer.

World Cancer Day takes place every year on 4th February.

How is World Cancer Day Observed?

There is currently a 3-year theme ‘Close the Care Gap’ for World Cancer Day running from 2022 to 2024. Within this each year has its own theme which are:

  • 2022: Realising the problem
  • 2023: Uniting our voices and taking action
  • 2024: Together, we challenge those in power

The 2024 theme “Uniting our voices and taking action,” creates the message that we are stronger united and aims to use the celebration of successes to fuel the fight for fairness. Events and networking will take place to bring people together to achieve more.

World Cancer Day and Employment

With one third of people living with cancer being of working age, it is important employers are conscious and proactive towards this topic. 28% of workers with cancer saying they had no support or very little support from their employer during their diagnosis. As an employer, you can offer your support in several ways within your organisation by:

  • Download and share World Cancer Day resources
  • Encourage employees to spot the signs, seek help and avoid misdiagnosis
  • Offer screenings for major cancers
  • Ensure policies are inclusive, cancer is classed a disability
  • Highlight pathways to support
  • Promote the support offered by your EAP or Employee Benefits platform for example.