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World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development


What is World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue & Development?

This day promotes the worlds cultures. It is an opportunity to highlight the significance and diversity they have and explores how these can be an agent of inclusion and positive change. World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue & Development celebrates the richness of cultures, recognises the role of intercultural dialogue, and raises awareness of their contributions to social, environmental, and economic development.

This day is held annually on the 21st of May, after being declared by the UN General Assembly in 2002.

World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue & Development, Celebrations and Employment

Events take place across the world, to mark this day and highlight the significance it has, to increase cultural awareness, promote human rights and sustainable development.

There are several things you can do as an employer on World Day for Cultural Diversity, Dialogue & Development.  These include:

  • Sharing information about the day and the importance of cultural diversity
  • Promoting events in your area
  • Encouraging employees to explore the impact different cultures have
  • Raising awareness by promoting the values of cultural diversity, dialogue, and development.