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Zero Discrimination Day


What is Zero Discrimination Day?

Zero Discrimination Day celebrates everyone’s right to a full and productive life. The day is focussed on learning about and promoting inclusion and driving change to end all forms of discrimination.

Zero Discrimination Day is on the 1st of March every year and was first celebrated in 2014.

Zero Discrimination Day and Employment

Some countries have much further to go that others to eliminate discrimination, however no country is truly free of all forms of discrimination. This day can be used by employers to focus on the part they play in removing discrimination and how they can stop individuals being treated differently for reasons such as who they are, what they look like or who they love.

  • Use this day to host a lunch and learn or training session on equality and inclusion
  • Adopt zero tolerance to discrimination
  • Providing Diversity and Unconscious Bias training to all employees
  • Demonstrating commitment to D&I, ensuring senior leaders are on board and leading the way
  • Implementing solutions to drive change
  • Updating/Reviewing policies and procedures to ensure they are inclusive
  • Reviewing recruitment practices to eliminate bias and discrimination