DuoMe is a flexible working platform that helps companies support their employees work flexibly. Now more than ever, companies need to support their employees with flexible working options that support them being effective and productive in their role.
DuoMe for Hybrid Teams simplifies planning when to be in the office, based on the work and people they collaborate with. DuoMe for Job Shares helps individuals find Job Share partners and lets companies post roles offering flexible working opportunities.

DuoMe for Hybrid Teams will help you and your team:

  • Plan what days to be in the office
    • Schedule office-based work for activities that rely on physical interaction
  • Communicate asynchronously
    • A hybrid framework recognises that office and remote hours may not occur at the same time
  • Enhance employee networks
    • Maintain and improve employee networks to be more productive and effective in your  job

DuoMe for Job Sharing helps companies:

  • Promote your brand as open to flexible working
    • Company branded pages available on DuoMe to attract talent
  • Advertise roles to a Flexible Working audience
    • 2000+ people registered looking for flexible working opportunities
  • Open Job Sharing to current employees 
    • Retain employees by opening up Job Sharing to them, let them advertise part of their role

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