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pirkx provides affordable health and wellbeing benefits to as many people as possible, regardless of their employment status, with a mission to positively impact one million lives by 2025.

The pirkx executive team set out to create something affordable which brought wellbeing benefits to everyone – whether self-employed, part of a company or working as a contractor. Using tech, pirkx have delivered wellbeing on demand for everyone. It’s easy to use, is affordable and relies on quick and simple administration – pirkx can be used by anyone whether they are self-employed, employed, a member of an association or even clients.


  • 24/7 telephone and online GP service 
  • Health support services: from mental health resilience tools to the 24/7 365 pirkx counsellor, pirkx provides you and family with the right support at the right time. 
  • Virtual gym classes for all abilities & discounted gym membership 
  • Virtual physiotherapy & discounted health insurances
  • Access to free learning courses with big discounts from large providers of accredited courses 
  • Over 2,500 shopping discounts from major retailers, including major supermarket brands. 
  • Money advice, credit score advice, debt help 
  • Free pulse surveys so you can see gain insight into your workforce or clients. 
  • Give Kudos to peers, workforce, and clients, with the ability to send gift cards as a thank you!


With no minimum contract terms, you can cancel at any time in line with the subscription you’ve taken – monthly, quarterly, or annually.

  • FOR MY TEAM: If you’re a business owner and are wanting an affordable way to show your team that you care, pirkx is for you.
  • SELF-EMPLOYED SUPPORT: If you’re self-employed and want the peace of mind that you have some support in place, pirkx is for you.
  • CONTRACTORS SUPPORT: If you’re a large organisation working with contractors, pirkx is for you.
  • MEMBERSHIP / ASSOCIATION: If you’re a membership body or association and you want to show your clients that you care, pirkx is for you.


Affordable wellbeing benefits for everyone.

  • Monthly: £3.75 + VAT per person
  • Quarterly: £10 + VAT per person
  • Annually: £37.50 + VAT per person

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