Guidance: Health and Wellbeing


This guidance provides practical advice for line managers and HR when either implementing a new or revising an existing Health and Wellbeing Strategy.

COVID-19 has set a precedent for different ways of working with remote and hybrid or agile working becoming the new normal. Roles previously considered unsuitable for a different way of working have been successfully undertaken for a long period of time with both employers and employees recognising the benefits. In particular:

  • 92% of knowledge workers want to work remotely and 78% of businesses offer flexible working.
  • Organisations are now considering adopting hybrid working longer term.
  • This means the shift to Team and Zoom meetings and virtual training has removed social interaction and put people under pressure with fixed times for formal meetings rather than ad-hoc informal meetings. This results in reduced opportunities for creativity and innovation.

This change brings about new challenges in the way employers support the physical and mental health and wellbeing of their people, particularly when they are working in various locations.



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