Unconscious Bias Training


Our unconscious biases don’t just affect our interactions with colleagues and customers. For example, Confirmation Bias is a huge danger for those working in marketing or product development, who end up creating a product or campaign for themselves, rather than their customers (as satirised by The Simpsons episode “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”).

This course encourages learners to recognise when the fast-thinking part of the brain is performing tasks which should be done by the slow-thinking part.

Why choose Umbrella HR?

  • Face to Face or Online
  • Experienced, engaging trainers
  • Flexibility – Choose from 1-3 hour sessions
  • Encourage learners to recognise and address bias
  • Support culture change and diverse cultures

Online or face to face sessions normally cover:

  • Key definitions: Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging and Conscious Inclusion
  • What is Unconscious Bias?
  • How Unconscious Bias affects individuals
  • Explaining different types of bias and micro-behaviours that affect both work and society
  • Tips for managers and individuals on how to be both aware and consciously inclusive

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