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The days of paying people just enough money not to quit whilst they work just hard enough not to get fired are over.

Your reward and recognition package has to recognise the new world of work.

It’s a world where employee assistance programmes can make the difference between retaining your most talented workers. It’s a world where your new hire may value volunteering days over higher pay.

If you’re looking at reward only through the lens of pay, you’re about to fall behind.

Your approach to reward and recognition has a direct impact on both the quality and type of people your organisation attracts and retains.

Your reward policy is a key indicator of whether the values your organisation claims to hold are genuine.

And Glassdoor is a constant reminder that your organisation’s private behaviour is one click away from being in the public domain.

Our team will review your approach to reward and recognition. We’ll ensure it’s aligned to your organisation’s plans and your HR strategy, and identify improvements that support your recruitment and retention objectives.

Make sure your reward and recognition policies are fit for the modern workforce.

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