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Harvard Professor Michael Porter wrote, “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do”.

HR professionals like you are dealing with an unprecedented amount of change at an equally unprecedented rate. And we know that your capacity is limited at the best of times.

But you don’t need to be overwhelmed. Our talented team of consultants work with you to provide the foundation for strong people policies and procedures. Allowing you to attract and retain the people you need to make your business successful.

By identifying your strategic priorities we can help you choose what not to do.

Umbrella HR take your organisation’s priorities and turns them into a straightforward plan. With a strategy built around the needs of your business you’re able to focus work on the areas that make the most difference to your employees.

Creating a strategy is just the first stage in the journey of shaping your workplace. It supports and directs all other areas of the employee lifecycle, prevents duplication and means budgets are spent on the projects that generate the most return.

Start choosing what not to do. Choose to talk to Umbrella HR today.


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