ISO 30414 Pre-Audit Assessment


Get Audit ready with our Pre-Audit Assessment

A Pre-Audit Assessment is a light touch approach to a full Audit. This gap analysis is carried out in line with a full Audit and is completed before an organisation commits to the full certification process. It assesses the current position of the organisation, its compliance to the standard and highlights areas for improvement, allowing organisations to address these in advance of a full Audit.

This assessment empowers organisations to make decisions regarding their readiness and confidence to start the Audit process. It will also familiarise employees with the Audit process and develop their understanding of the importance of standardisation and compliance.

What are the benefits of a Pre-Audit Assessment?

Getting assessed before an Audit will:

  • Save you time during the Audit process
  • Help divert resources to the most critical business needs
  • Avoid additional costs and wasted resources
  • Address the current position of the organisation, helping you to understand the most pressing corrective actions to take
  • Get you ready to undergo an Audit, by building your confidence and giving you an insight into what to expect from an Audit
  • Get your team and stakeholders ready. Communication during a pre-audit will raise awareness and understanding which will see less resistance at Audit
  • Commitment from a Certified Auditor will give you the confidence that you are reporting the right metrics to make a difference in your organisation


Like any Audit, the length of time taken to complete can vary depending on many factors, the systems, processes, and availability of documentation for example.

However, we have complied an estimate based on organisation size, as below:

Organisation SizeEstimated No. of days
Micro (1-10 employees)3
Small (11-50 employees)4
Medium (51-250 employees)6
Large (251-1,000 employees)8
Super (1,000+ employees)10

Pricing Schedule

Our costing will vary depending on size of organisation, number of days and complexity of the project. We would estimate that it is likely to cost between £3,000+VAT and £10,000+VAT for a full pre-audit assessment.



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