Undertaking an audit of any kind may seem like an overwhelming prospect, something most people prefer to avoid, because who knows what it might uncover?

We like to think about it in a more positive light. What opportunities to improve the workplace and lighten our workloads are hidden beneath age-old processes that we continue to check off a to do list, just because that’s how it has always been done?

Our approach focuses on establishing a starting point for your agenda, a fresh start, an opportunity to gain traction.

We work with you to understand where your current strategy, policies, processes, and procedures are and how they measure up compared to both legislation and best practice.

What audits do Umbrella HR offer?

  • UK HR Audit
  • Global HR Audit
  • UK D&I Audit
  • Global D&I Audit
  • D&I Audit in line with ISO 30415
  • HCR Audit in line with ISO 30414
  • Modular Audits: strategy, policies, processes, recruitment, reward, performance, wellbeing, or training

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Like any Audit, the cost and length of time to complete can vary depending on many factors, the systems, processes, size of organisation, number of days and complexity of the project for example.

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