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Are you ready to transform your organisation?

Surveys gain valuable insights into the true landscape of your organisation and provide you with the essential data required to make informed decisions and shape future strategy. Anonymous surveys discover your organisations true position, give you the opportunity to focus on areas for improvement, celebrate successes and provide you with indicators to measure success and performance.

We offer off-the-shelf or bespoke questions sets and surveys. Questions sets provide you with a suite of carefully considered questions which you can review, edit and use to run a survey yourself. Alternatively, using the question set we design for your organisation, our surveys include running an anonymous survey on your behalf and a detailed analysis of the results which can be used to inform an action plan. Or, of course, we can create an action plan for you!

Off the shelf question sets include:

Diversity & Inclusion
Organisational Culture
Staff Engagement

We are here to help

You choose the level of support you would like:

  1. Questions – You Choose:
    • A bespoke question set, or;
    • An off the shelf question set
  2. Survey – Umbrella HR either:
    • Provide instructions to load and run the survey yourself. or;
    • Run the survey for you
  3. Results – You Choose:
    • To receive the raw anonymised data, or:
    • To receive detailed results analysis
  4. Next Steps:
    • You can use the results to create an action plan and shape strategy, or:
    • We feedback the results to the Executive/Management team.
    • We create a 1st draft action plan for you.

Complete the enquiry form or contact us at for a free consultation so we can understand your requirements, design the survey and work with you to gather vital data in the first step to improving your organisation.


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