Employee Resource Groups ERGs


It has been proven that diversity of the workforce brings with it diversity of thought and increased profits.

Employee Resource Groups are a great way to embrace the knowledge and passion of your workforce to better understand your customer, while making employees feel truly valued.

We have the experience required to help your employees set up, run and maintain ERGs. We work with chairs to keep the groups relevant, give them direction and most importantly focus on outputs.

Having a group of people with characteristics in common, passionate enough to join a group which empowers others with their shared characteristics, is one of any organisations strongest tools.

What are the benefits of having ERGs?

  • Provide safe spaces for employees to share experiences or issues
  • Contribute towards an inclusive culture
  • Promote cross characteristic collaboration
  • Encourage allies to join in
  • Increase wellbeing at work
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Increase performance
  • Better understand your customer
  • Shape policies and strategy

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