It is every employers obligation to investigate workplace grievance and disciplinary issues. A fact-finding exercise to establish the evidence from all sides.

Mishandling investigations can have serious implications for employers, ending in tribunal claims and allegations of discrimination. Not to mention the media circus that inevitably parades organisations shortcomings and the difficulty this causes recruiting and retaining future talent, who expect more from employers than ever before.

Investigations must be fair and objective. Having a consistent approach reduces the risk of discrimination, improves employment relations and encourages employees to be honest about their experiences, which in turn creates a positive organisational culture.

HR generalists and in-house teams are already arguably over worked and constantly under new pressures arising from global events. They often don’t have the resource, experience or exposure to conduct thorough investigations on top of daily pressures.



How can Umbrella HR help?

Our experienced independent investigators offer an un-biased view, that is fair and balanced. They familiarise themselves with the organisations policies and procedures, and conduct investigations that are compliant with these and UK legislation.

Uncovering the truth is important. A professional who isn’t embroiled in company politics can comfortably ask the difficult questions needed to establish facts, which can be extremely reassuring for the individuals involved. Having someone to call on who understands the implications of getting it wrong and holds the organisations reputation in as high regard as their own, means you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.

Benefits of an independent investigation:

  • Fair and Objective
  • Impartiality
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional and independent
  • Experienced, additional resource
  • Mitigates risk

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Biased investigations cost organisations a whole lot more than the resource conducting them. Use an independent investigator and be confident in the process.

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