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Your policies, procedures and processes are the foundation for people practices across your entire organisation.

We know that’s a lot of ‘p’s, but they help you deal with a few more: preventing poor performance.

Delivering a consistent approach is key to maintaining compliance with the rapidly changing employment landscape. And we don’t just mean legal compliance. The rise of social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter and #MeToo means employers face public pressure to be better.

The easiest way to stay compliant is to go beyond minimum requirements. We help you develop procedures that keep you, your people and your organisation safe. We start with best practice, not legal obligations, to produce policies that protect everyone in your organisation and help you build a better workplace.

But policies aren’t just about restricting people. We also want to encourage your employees to innovate, invent and initiate change that improves your organisation.

Our approach delivers a cost-effective, straight forward framework for your organisation’s HR policies. That means you and your team have a simple set of standards that empower your employees and removes red tape.

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